Action-dice for players

Characteristic value


0 to 19


20 to 29


30 to 39


40 to 49


50 plus


Each characteristic grants a distinct action-dice.

Resolving contentious actions normally involves either following the “Us-vs-Them” dice mechanic or rolling action-dice. When using action-dice the Storyteller declares a characteristic (or a choice of characteristics) appropriate for an activity and states a numerical target. Then every player involved rolls their corresponding action-dice.

Action-dice vary according to current characteristic values for Strength, Dexterity & Intelligence.

The Storyteller might ask you to temporarily reduce a characteristics eg psychological stress might reduce intelligence, hypothermia might reduce dexterity and body blows might reduce strength.

Restorative measures could potentially revive these depleted characteristics, eg with rest and relaxation. Severe damage might permanently reduce characteristics, such as losing a limb.

If a characteristic moves across a dice threshold during play, then adjust your relevant action-dice to reflect your current level.

Characteristics greater than 60 better suit the Us-vs-Them system.